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We hold these truths to be self-evident: that beer is not created equal; that it is endowed by its creator with certain grains, hops, yeast and even water; that marketing budgets don’t reflect taste and the best beer is based on nothing but subjective experience. Yet above all, we hold firm in the belief that craft beer from the Lone Star State represents life, liberty and the pursuit of true happiness.

And that’s why we serve nothing but Texas.

State Draft House & Craft Kitchen is a locally-sourced neighborhood scratch kitchen with all of the qualities of an upscale dining experience: craft beer, craft liquor, craft courses.  We pride ourselves on our promise: State Made. STATE Worthy.

Lagers and pilsners. Porters and stouts. Goses and sours. Pales and ambers and browns and reds. We’ll also have one of the best IPA selections around. What you won’t find are the standard, mass-produced beers that we think lack flavor and taste. Why? Because if it’s not from here, you won’t find it here.

But you will find our constantly updated beer menu here.

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Reservations aren’t needed.

We may be upscale but we’re not uptight—we are a draft house, after all. There’s no need to make a reservation. Looking for a place to unwind after a long day? Just walk in and grab a seat at the bar. Need to get a little work done in the afternoon? Sit down in one of our booths, plug your laptop in at the table and finish those TPS reports. Want to share a flight of beer and some appetizers with friends? Step over to one of our long bar tables and settle in for a while.

Unless you want the private room.

High school reunions. Birthdays. Draft parties. Offsite corporate meetings. Regardless of why you’re getting together, getting together in our private room will make your event a memorable one. Especially when the private room includes state-of-the-art AV equipment and three private taps allowing you to hand-select up to three different beers to serve your guests. Full restaurant bookings are available, too. Call 972-410-0445 to schedule your next event.